Tuesday, February 2, 2010

show and tell

i figure some of you may be curious about my living quarters so i've taken some photos of my room to share with you. unfortunately the windows - my favorite part - cannot be shown right now because my curtains are drawn to keep out the cold. but i've managed to document the rest. quite a few ikea items and don't miss the dutch tulips on my bedspread. you may especially enjoy my alien night side table lamp.


rachsauder said...

i like the photo of your computer on your couch because i know on the other side of the screen i am there asking you what could possibly be more important than talking to your lovely sister.
of course the answer is taking photos of your new room.

Lauren said...

yay!!!! thank you for the insight! is that your new cook book? freshhhhh

pril said...

- i like all the funky shit
-at least the tulip spread is dark, gives it a bit of merit
-it looks like a hotel
-i have really been missing out! this blog looks great!
- adi looks cool in that pic on that dresser
-i like all the puffers everywhere
-i miss you
-are there flowers everywhere? all of the time?

Tor said...

good eye laur!! april, yes i was pleasantly surprised to see dark purple seeing as though i imagined a lavender. tulips are everywhere.

Emilie Jasper-Petry said...

wow, so beautiful tor! i can't believe you have so much space!
do you sport two long blond braids and pluck tulips from the straats?! you are just so DUTCH...and you know what they say, If you ain't Dutch, you ain't much!

emfish said...

the golden heart documentation goes straight to my heart <3