Sunday, February 7, 2010


i can't seem to get enough of this song lately. the official music video is here but i really love how much fun they appear to be having in this live performance on letterman. also another song i like by them is janglin.

i'm feeling a little better today. yesterday was the first time i felt really alone. i always knew that feeling would come - and will be back - but it still caught me off guard. it's strange, i don't even know what's different about today but my sadness has faded. i suppose this song is pretty appropriate.

i went to a fantastic flea market today with oscar and jet. you have to take a passenger ferry to get there and it was in this huge warehouse just near where the ferry lets you out. unfortunately the warehouse wasn't heated so we were freezing, in fact i still am, two hours later. because of the cold (and the size of the place) we only ended up getting to see about half the goods so i'll definitely be going back sometime soon. here's a pick of my prizes...a maroon leather bag, a tin box with an owl on it, a fan broach and lastly two miniature packages of black and white photographs of amsterdam - the best!

i went to the town phil's from on friday. it's called wassenaar and it's actually quite near to the hague which is where i initially got a job as an au pair. weird to think about where i'd be right now had i taken that job instead. anyway it was a really nice day; his friend louise came along too. we went to the beach, watched his brother's basketball game and had a nice big family dinner.

lauren - it's comforting to think about you reading a story about me. and thanks april and jess too for being so loving xxoo


Clark said...

Tor, I have been listening to home on repeat all morning. It is so beautiful, they make me smile. I can see why it is comforting for you right now. I am sorry to hear about your long distance sadness! You are not as alone as you may feel, we are all here with the click of a button. I'm reading a book right now about the 8 life stages a human goes through. It says that we are the wanderers. That we are in a dark and mysterious place between adolescence and adulthood. It feels very fitting for me. You are just in a different mysterious place than the rest of us. Wish you were here. wish I was there!!

Tor said...

yes mal i thought you would like it. what's the name of your book? we are such wanderers. thanks for your nice comment!

Clark said...

the book is called nature and the human soul. It is by Bill Plotkin.
Check it out. It's a big ol one, but has some amazing stuff in it.
We went to Nuit Blanche this weekend! I wish you could have been there, just wasn't the same as last year!
I hope your vacay was fun.