Thursday, January 28, 2010

the birth of vicky

a new country. a new home. a new family. and with it all comes a new name: vicky.

Before I arrived I was skeptical about this new name the boys had started calling me, but now, it feels next to normal. With their lovely Dutch tongue it sounds more like a mix between "ficky" and "feeky" - much better than "icky vicky" which is what my mom successfully dodged throughout my early years. It's sort of weird how normal it feels actually. I thought I could never be a vicky. And don't get me wrong, none of you can call me that. I'm still TOR. Forever. But it's just interesting how quickly I've grown accustomed to such a thing that I thought I was so opposed to. Circumstances play a large role of course.

I've finally got wireless in my room which means the net will be seeing a whole lot more of me in the weeks to come. I had such a weird first few days without having a phone or access to the internet. I hate to admit it, but I'm absolutely hooked on being connected. I always thought I was one who could do without such technologies for some time, but in their absence my dependence was undeniable. On the bright side I think this absence helped put off my longing for home because I didn't have to face the words "I miss you" or see the faces that I am without. In a way I sort of felt numb. Plus, I was jet lagged and overwhelmed with all the stimulants of my new environment, not entirely myself. [Upon reflection, I can now see why the vicky transition has gone so smoothly...]

Life in Amsterdam is starting to get really good. Today was the first day of contact with people my own age and it was incredibly wonderful. Tomorrow I have plans with more people my age and even the next day too! Things are looking up. I'm really happy to be here and can't wait to start feeling completely comfortable in my new home..I hope that day comes.

Now I'd like to share some of the beauty this tiny city holds.

This was part of my secret santa present from Adi -a slide containing cells undergoing mitosis. It's beautiful and I love it.

A room with a view. I woke up on Sunday morning to a city covered in snow. This rooftop terrace is right off my bedroom and looks out onto a courtyard of gardens - lucky me.

I love to stroll around and let my eyes wander into the abundantly large windows that seem to so graciously invite passers by in.

Vondelpark is about 10 minutes away by foot. A perfect place for jogging and running Hunter [whom I suppose I shall introduce...].

Hunter on top and Dottie (pronounced 'doe-tee') underneath. Both very sweet although Hunter proved to be a better model. Part of my job is to be in charge of the dogs, which of course, I love.

I found a really yummy tomato soup at a cafe around the corner called B&B Lunchroom. It came with a scoop of fresh pesto and small pieces of mozzarella inside, what a treat! But I was both shocked and amazed upon approaching the cashier...€6.50! Not sure I'll be having it again.

This city feels so alive and full of energy. That's where I'll leave it for now, slaap lekker.


adidadi said...

How D-Light-Ful! keep the pics coming. fun dogs, and im honored that you have brought that slide along for the journey, although you just had a broccoli breakfrist

Lauren said...

lovely!! beautiful gift adi. oh i am excited for more!!!!
love you TOR

Maggie said...

beautiful beautiful tor!

Emily said...

ur a great writer! and what an amazing terrace you have off ur room!! miss you! keep us posted

Jess said...

Tor! I loved it all! You should've started a blog a long time ago! Can't wait for moooo.