Monday, December 21, 2009

plans, new plans!

as i lay asleep last night, dreaming something that i likely will never recall, i was suddenly awoken by the sound of my text message alert. this struck me as a strange and somewhat foreign sound as i haven't been using my phone while away due to large and unnecessary costs. i therefore concluded that it must be something important.

the message read: Hi Tor, could you please let me know asap if you like to go skiing in February in France with me and the boys. I would like to book the hotel Club Med and flights, which are nearly fully booked! Please let me know asap. Xx

Another one followed: If you do not like skiing, not a problem, then Goof or someone else will go. In that case you stay here and just discover Amsterdam and friends. So honest. [i think she meant 'be honest.']


so. it looks like im going skiing in France in Feb and staying at Club Med!?!? this is becoming more real by the day.

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