Wednesday, June 9, 2010

grey skies

i haven't been this wet since yesterday when i got out of the shower. but this time, i'm fully clothed. it's a rainy, rainy day here in amsterdam. i took hunter to the park as i do everyday and at first there was just a light drizzle. my boots unfortunately need some repairing so i was proud to make it a few blocks with dry feet. then the torrential rain arrived. my feet were sopping in no time. next were my thighs. luckily i was wearing a raincoat so my upper body remained dry and protected. after about five minutes of solid downpour, every inch of my body was drenched. my black jeans literally looked like shiny leather pants and the weight of the water was slowly tugging them lower and lower. i was walking through the park laughing out loud, having so much fun. i was unfortunately listening to this song, among others, and now my ipod seems to be broken. i'm hoping it just needs some time to dry off. hunter seemed a little irritated and tried to find cover under every passing tree. unsuccessful in his efforts, he didn't give up until the tennis ball was revealed. i shared a silent bond with the few other people that found themselves in the park today - some joggers, cyclists, two other dog walkers. most of them managed a smile as our eyes met but a few were clearly perturbed. i guess i would be too had i been off to a meeting or somewhere where being wet would be a nuisance. for me, i knew that i was returning to an empty house where i could throw my clothes in the wash and get dry and cozy quickly.

just wanted to share my rainy day with you guys but gijs is home now and m&d are out of town, so it's all me. better prepare myself for some fun!


Maggie said...

it's so true that a surprise downpour brings people together...! reminds me of a night when i was out in toronto last summer. after leaving a bar late with a couple of friends and friends of friends we decided to keep drinking wine in the park cause it was so humid and hot and we all wanted to be out (and we might have been the tiniest bit tipsy). of course, it started to absolutely pour... since we were drenched from the first moment we all just embraced it - jumping in puddles, racing around and killing ourselves laughing at how unbelievably soaked we were. i think you're right that part of the enjoyment comes from knowing you can get cosy afterward though...
love that song, has your ipod recovered?

emfish said...

Ohmy! I love soaking in the rain when I know that warmth is close. Its one of the greatest! When your camping its another story... But still fun!