Friday, October 21, 2011

being thankful

cosy catchup

fashion forward flem


everyone got prty

the artist

the witches

the boys

hand on the wrong side jess

blurry broken doll?

cheers'ing (eye contact all around)

starting to get sloppy

together at last (with a few in spirit)



time for turkey(less) dinner

14 hands at work

serious 1

silly 2

looking at the crazies on the couch

drunk andy in motion

morning light post slumber (nice flowers fran!)

leftover canal picnic

parting ways


What a trip!


Emilie Jasper-Petry said...

What an amazing phto essay of the trip. Inspiring me to do the same! Love and misssss everyone far and near

Lauren said...

please do emj!
tor so nice of you - thanks for sharing.

adidadi said...

just beautiful. i have the reverse view of the st. henri station.

emfish said...

This made my day. You are all so wonderful. Tor the yellow henri station is a jeff wall. Deserves a blowup. xo

April said...

Tor what a document! oooooooooooh broken hearted why is this not my everyday everyway all the time. so sad i wont get to see you this nye. love you so!!! x