Saturday, November 20, 2010


i think i'm back now. for good. i have here a microsoft word doc that i've had open for about the past month with the beginnings of a post (started it one day w/o the net). i'm about to delete it. it's time for a FRESH start.

it snowed here last night. there was lightning too! and tomorrow it's going to be a full moon. lots going on in the sky. goodbye fall; your colors will be missed.

movie rec that i have yet to watch: awakenings

well it's time to go get pretty for a night on the town. i will be back soon!

ps. people in vancouver for new years, keep your plans free ;)

ode to fall:


April said...

she's back baby!!!
also check out me new bloggg.

Maggie said...

glad to have you back xx