Tuesday, May 4, 2010


my goodness. there is a lot to be said here but do i have the time to say it all? our weekend in barcelona was so much fun. it was really wonderful to spend time with maggie and to be in the sunshine and warmth. i didn't realize how huge the city was until we were actually there. there was so much to see and do and despite the fact that we used almost every minute we had, there is still so much more to discover, perhaps one day i will return. i think this is my longest post yet because i added quite a few photos, so hopefully they will do the talking.

our first night:
guac, chips, mojitos, catch up

creepy sneaky

the trek up to park guell

live music on the way

park guell 1
main terrace (sagrada familia in the distance)


where's waldo?

you can't really tell but the entire roof is a mosaic

paint splatter at the beach

don't know the story behind this building but i liked it a lot

study of a perched crow

colorful laundry

hanging on our hostel terrace

croissant babies and beer

boqueria market

breakfast at the market - cappuccinos&pastries&fresh fruit

1 euro juices

gaudi's la sagrada familia 1




graffiti tells us that humans don't change..hehe

view from the top


peering over the edge



the way down

inside the sagrada

unbelievable stained glass windows

time for wine & cheese, cards & candy

right after a close call

this bar had a bunch of these light bulbs hanging around; i liked this very much

apollo night club

breakfast at oviso

walking up montjuic 1


more laundry

quick stop at the cultural center

it had some really cool photographs

our last supper then off to board our planes


emfish said...

tor these photos are magnificent! Brought back my memories from Barca too. Keep em coming. Your posts are one of my few sources of entertainment

Emilie Jasper-Petry said...

beauts tor!!! looks so nice and chill and pretty. glad to see parts of the Blonde-terage hanging together!!! : )

Clark said...

Tor your photo essays are so good. Fun visit from the looks of it.
What a cool building you found on the beach, I love the peering down photo and the foooood, yum..
p.s. i want there to be a sequel to the last post.

Lauren said...

why why why are you two so fun!!? all that cheese and wine and catching up has my heart a flutter = butter. yum yum more more.