Saturday, April 24, 2010

holiday in the sun

i'm off to meet maggie in barcelona in a few hours. obviously haven't packed yet, but i'm working on it. i'll be sure to take loads of photos and post them promptly upon my return. miss everybody a lot!

here are some photos from the amsterdamse bos - the forest. gijs and i went last saturday afternoon in search of owl pellets. sadly, we returned home empty handed and rather defeated. but on the bright side, i was reminded of nature's infinite beauty. i think the fact that it was a beautiful sunny day really helped; the lighting was just perfect. you can see for yourself.


Lauren said...

yessss everytime you post it is a present for us to open (read). such nice pictures. i think my fave is the second one from the top - what a magical looking path! i will be thinking of you and mag even more than usual over the next few days. HAVE FUN!!


emfish said...

I had a dream last night that you updated your blog so many times and I was stressed to get through all the postings before leaving for work! haha! low and behold, you posted! Strange how things work (aka strange is me).

Love and miss!

Emilie Jasper-Petry said...

WHO IS GIJS!!!??? babe??

Tor said...

hehe gijs happens to be a 10 year old child. damn. would have been a much better story had he been a few years wiser.

thanks laur and i'm glad to know i'm in your dreams emily!!