Monday, March 22, 2010


so today was the day i finalized my decision about rearranging my room. as many of you know, this is something i do every couple of months - for the past 12 odd years. i find it really fun to think of new ways of making my furniture fit differently into the same space, and of course to increase efficiency (fran) and usability while i'm at it. i suppose i shall post a photo...perhaps a before and after...or three of each.



it feels more like a full apartment to me now, rather than just a big bedroom. i think separation is key. now i feel like i have a living room, a bedroom, a hallway (kind of) and of course a kitchen.

i had a great day today. yesterday was a hungover one. and it sucked because it was such a beautiful day and it was my day off too. i had thought of a lot of ways i wanted to spend my day but i ended up horizontal on my couch. at least i was able to keep my terrace doors open, letting in some sweet spring air. so anyway, when i woke up today (after a nine and a half hour sleep!) i decided that i must make the most of this monday and make up for yesterday's idle time. between the things i had to do for work, i went to an outdoor market and perused through some real nice stuff, i did my room, i made dinner for the family and i went for a run. then i talked to rach and drank my new favorite drink - fresh mint tea with honey - and ate some milk chocolate. i'm feeling very comfortable and content.

i'll post some photos of my mom's visit too. it was a treat having her here. we got to spend a lot of quality time together. she stayed at dorith and derek's place so it was also nice seeing a lot of them too. they have been so unbelievably welcoming to me. so what did we do?

we went to traditional villages

we ate lots of good food

we strolled through the flower market many times

and more markets

look at all that chocolate!

we ate at lots of cafes

despite our allergies, we both started liking cats

these cats are a serious exception

we made lots of delicious dinners

we enjoyed the comfort of the delint's beautiful home

we ate carrot cake and drank coffee

all in all - it was so fun! it's now the next morning because i got too tired to organize these photos last night so i better get to work. also just wanted to say thank you for all your comments - they make me so happy.


Lauren said...

Wow, Tor! I think this might just be my favorite post yet! So many great photos! I didn't realize D&D had such a beautiful space!? Although, of course they wooould! I am very inspired. We can really tell you had fun with your mom :) And your room is definitely an apartment now. Love the "hallway".

Clark said...

That was like reading a little story. pretty pics tor!

adidadi said...

Oh ma gawwwwwwwd. I love all these photos... miss you ! hi from bonaire (im away with my dad for a few days.. there are many dutch people here, i bought some dutch cheese to take home)

Tor said...

thanks guys!! i really love reading your comments. adi in bonaire?! cool! dutch cheese is so good.

McGill Farmers' Market said...

shhhhiit tor this was a wondrous and illustrative post. the room is magnificent, the food scrumptious and your words warming. i'm really into adjectives right now it would seem, but i really enjoyed this post and really miss you!!!

McGill Farmers' Market said...

oh and mcgill farmers' market = sarah ......

Tor said...

of course i know its you sarah! love the adjectives. miss you too.

Emilie Jasper-Petry said...

what great insight into your life there tor! everything and one is so beautiful and well-dusted and spacious but also cozy! i forgot how nice the Delint's home is, probably because I wasn't really into home decor when i was 18 visiting there....but now, LOVE those compact kitchen shelves, low-slung and snug, showcasing the nice solid white plates and wine glasses!
so comforting to have a mum visit too, and those CATS! c'man, were they baked off too much catnip or something? why are they full of so much love for each other!?

pril said...

cool torrr sorry for the late comment, in between moving and emj forcing me to look at all things flickr, (therefore i guess i just forgot that you had a blog too because of my flickr fill.) anyways im catching up and it feels great! ehhehe miss you.